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Emma’s Gift to her Granma

I asked Emma what she wanted to give to her grandma for Christmas this year.  Emma wrote, “I will give to Granma a story about dogs who go to work instead of playing.”

Here is her story, reprinted here with both Emma’s and her granma’s permission.

A Folk Story For Granma ~ By Emma

“Once there were many dogs who went to work.  They worked part of the year in the fields, yet their masters wished they would work all the time.  So one day they organized a strike and their owners got very angry.  They told their owners they would not involve them in their decisions about how they spend their time.  Their owners said they had to work or they would not be fed.

“One day everyone went to work.  Sounds were too loud.  Every dog began to whimper.  The noise was so dreadful, the owners told their dogs to take the day off.  Noise is everyone’s enemy, but it is everyone’s  friend too.

“Today, dogs do not have to work in fields.  They are free to play.

“The End”

Emma chose this image to accompany her story.