I am More Than My Body

Wavering, derelict shouts hold different ideas about want.

Careening words push and shove their way out of my mouth,

the chatter cannot be reined in no matter how hard I try.

My mind is a starving questioner

with a body that pushes mute buttons in people’s minds.

Moments looking for connections to the two separate entities

knowing the possibilities are within reach,

if only I could beat those troublesome, noisy words back

to give the more contemplative thoughts equal opportunity.


14 responses to “I am More Than My Body

  1. But you are Emma, you are amazingly eloquent.

  2. I sometimes wonder if I have Tourette’s in addition to being autistic. I have to repeat words or rhymes and the more I try to hold it in the more anxious I get. Sometimes I do it because I like the way the words feel but other times I’m not sure if it is anxiety or something else that causes the words to need to come out.

  3. You are a poet. You paint pictures with words.

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  5. I think we on the spectrum can learn to train our minds into amazing instruments. it takes time, though. In yoga, we say, the mind is a TOOL for THINKING…we must learn to use it well. Autistic people have exceptional tools, sometimes unruly, to be sure – but exceptional. You are already doing wonderful things…

  6. I want to wallpaper our house with your words and think about them all day long. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you are just so so gifted in expressive language. And now, we can all benefit from your words. You add so much beauty to my day…

  7. Love the poetry, and love the new photos too.

  8. Who holds the reins when the horse leaps from the cliff
    And soars free on the wind of words that can sing
    In the body and the mind of anyone lucky enough
    To come under their spell, take lift from their wing
    The body and the mind are a treasure
    And you are free to take their measure
    Even from the reign of your chatter
    The poet in you can make matter.

    You are a remarkable poet Emma! It’s a thrill to the poet in me to read your words. I had to write a poem back after being blessed by yours.

    Thanks–Brian (Noah’s dad)

  9. You write poetry that inspires me. People often mistake me as a teen because I am in a teen’s body. The truth is, I am already grown up inside and so are you, Emma. And that is not a bad thing (although it’s fun to be immature once in a while!) Wonderful. I wish the selfish people in our world could read your amazing writing.

  10. Emma, when you write about your mind, the words you use/choose are so profound and unexpected that I invariably read them over and over. With each read I discover new layers of meaning and realize that I am so less skilled in expressing my thoughts, emotions and comprehension. Proof of statement: it took me two hours to write the preceding two sentences. Keep going Emma. I’ll keep trying to catch up with you.

  11. You are giving the contemplative thoughts a voice that is singing loudly and beautifully, Emma! And so many of us are listening and cheering you on.

  12. Trying to imagine what it must be like to be on the back of runaway words, careening past the staring crowds… but one thing I do know, is that your written words are so profound, stimulating and contemplative that we are privileged to be able to read them… and get to know the inner Emma. Slowly but surely people *will* see beyond their prejudices towards Autistics, thanks to you and others.xx

  13. Ellen Alexander

    Very inspiring to read your meaningful poem Emma. Also love the comment by your dad. I plan to share this with Alan when I see him next week. Even if he doesn’t have something to ‘say’ (write) I know he will understand and it will help him.

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