Mirror, Mirror, What do you See?

I have a piece of writing to share.

When your eyes are drawn to a mirror, what do you see?

Is it familiar or unfamiliar?

Do you like what you see?

There may be a struggle with recognition.  Stay with it.

Imagine something beautiful.

Make yourself smile and hold it.

Recite a favorite story or joke.  This can be done in silence or in speaking.

Repeat your name however you would like to.

Do you like what you see?

The End ~ By Emma Zurcher-Long

Mirror, Mirror, What do you See?

Mirror, Mirror, What do you See?

16 responses to “Mirror, Mirror, What do you See?

  1. Emma Dear, You are so beautiful.

    Today when I look in the mirror I see death facing me and yet I keep fighting one day at a time To keep him at bay Not this moment not today But Monday begins a new Clinical trial and I take that medicine Out of vial which makes me feel alive So on and on I go to strive To keep death far far away from me.


  2. Emma is such an amazing writer. This prose-poem-parable about self-image is priceless.

  3. A tribute to the idea that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

  4. Emma – Your insight for a person so young amazes and inspires me. Thank you and your family for sharing your thoughts and journey through life.

  5. What a delightful post! It made me smile right here. Know that each time I look into a mirror now, I will be thinking of you and smiling 🙂 And what a good thing that will be!xx

  6. Emma, you are such an inspiring, insightful ‘old soul’. I am so thankful that you share your thoughts with us. You have such wonderful revelations.☺️

  7. Yes, I need your help to remember beauty can be me…

  8. Emma, you are beautiful inside and out! As always, thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Ryan aka Becca's dad

    Beautiful words, to remember always.

  10. Emma – it took me a long, long time to learn what you have expressed. I wish all young women could read this and learn to do this. Bravo.

  11. Emma, I love absolutely, positively everything about this, but two things resonate so deeply .. your beautiful smile and these two lines:

    “Recite a favorite story or joke. This can be done in silence or in speaking.”

    they remind me so much of my girl, who spends so much gloriously happy time reciting her stories and laughing, laughing, laughing at the jokes that she tells herself in silence. it is magical to behold and i thank you so much for reminding me why.

  12. Emma, I know very little about your own self-perception. I am not in your mind and do not know if you face struggles with what you see. However, what you’ve just said resonates deeply with me. I’ve been “battling” anorexia for nearly 10 years. I’m 22, and sometimes looking in the mirror is the most painful thing I can experience. I know you’re much younger than me, and I’ve learned by now not to assume that means I’m wiser. Your suggestions here – to recite a story, make yourself smile – have helped me, if only for a moment, to remember how to love who I am. Thank you for this.
    I am so impressed by both your spirit and your insight.

  13. unfamiliar. looks different to me every time. completely unexpected and unrecognisable. i usually like what i see well enough. it just doesn’t look like me, but there’s nothing that i could change to make it look more like me.

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