The Three Boxes ~ A Story

Emma’s story, which she edited slightly from the original:

There were three boxes that were left on three different doorsteps.  They appeared to be identical in physicality.  The size, shape, and color made them far from unique.  The way they each arrived is still unknown.  Assuming they are identical on the inside would be ignorant.

When the people opened their doors and saw the boxes left, their reactions varied.  One questioned why there were no markings on the box.  The other tripped over the box when leaving, but did not pay it more attention right then.  The third opened it immediately since she loved getting mail.

Inside the boxes were lives – a kitten, a puppy, and a baby.  We will never know who abandoned these precious lives.  The focus is on how these lives adapt to new environments.  The easy answer is not that easy.  The longer version is that once the boxes were opened – the kitten quickly scampered out, easily scaling the box’s cardboard sides, the puppy tried to get out, but the box was too deep and he was too little, so he looked around for help, and the baby lay there, too young to even roll over and simply cried.

Luckily the enthusiastic mail-lover became the baby’s new mother.

That is food for thought.

The End

The box with the kitten

The box with the kitten

10 responses to “The Three Boxes ~ A Story

  1. lyonblanc2013

    Oh, you are priceless — and a delightful writer — Emma!

  2. This wins with all the winning.

  3. I LOVE it! I would have scampered over to my neighbor’s doorstep to watch her open hers and see what was inside, and I would have adopted any one of the others if the owner didn’t want it, even the baby!


  4. Yep, you don’t get to choose what comes your way, do you Emma. I’d say your parents are definitely enthusiastic mail-lovers, and you 3 now make a great team!xx

  5. What a great story! Personally, I would want to adopt all three! 🙂

  6. Schrodinger’s cat experiment brought to another level. The sheer brilliance.

  7. It’s a beautiful story. Not sure I understand it. Maybe that’s why I like it.

  8. Marie Brennan

    I enjoyed your story. Definitely food for thought!

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