A Few Thoughts From Emma

“Today I will talk about the weather,”  Emma wrote.  Then she smiled and wrote, “That’s a joke.”

*Quick aside from Ariane.  Emma has referred to those who are well versed in cocktail party conversation as “weather talkers”.

“You’re funny,” Ariane said.

“Lean trains of thought provide rich moments of quiet peace.  Purposeful silence holds meaningful interconnection between like-minded souls.  Caring beings care in the silence as much or more as with words.   Now for a moment of silence.”

The view from the deck where we are staying

The view from the deck where we are staying

19 responses to “A Few Thoughts From Emma

  1. Ahhhhh. Such a peaceful thought to carry us forward… Sigh. Bless you, Emma!

  2. It’s been rather hot here in Texas, but we did have a bit of a gully-washer of a storm recently 😉

  3. PK, where in Texas do you live? We live in Round Rock. With our drought these past few years, these frequent rainfalls since May have been a blessing. My daughter, Kimberly, loves the sounds of rain and wrote a poem about it once.

  4. Adriane, Don’t you love the poetic sound of your daughter’s words? I think it is so interesting how so many who are low and nonverbal type with such unique wording–so poetic and rich. Maybe we all should take more moments of silence. Thank you, Emma.

    • I’ve noticed that too. That the people who “speak” through typing use unique wording. I think it is beautiful.

  5. I love silence. I’ve always found it to be meaningful. That’s why I live up here “far from the madding crowd”.
    Love, Granma

  6. ❤ ❤ yes we all need a moment of silence

  7. I love silence too. In silence you can let your mind flow away uninhibited by the barriers of words, which all too often bring painful anger and division where none needed to exist.In silence the colors of our souls are displayed, and I find peace in that.

  8. Emma, such a good term to describe small talk experts!

    {{{Virtual Deep Hugs!}}}

    Lovely description of silence binding people together.

    🙂 tagAught

  9. “Caring beings care in the silence as much or more as with words.”

    Indeed they do Emma. Wise words as always 🙂

  10. Say it Girl!!

    Pale ghost of No-Words
    Visits Earth to reveal herself:
    Wise Master of Written-Words

  11. Marie Brennan

    Emma, Weather talkers. Interesting! We call it small talk. That means talking about unimportant things just to avoid silence. When I was a child My mom had a phrase for just being together quietly. She called it “companionable silence.”

  12. I love this. At times I am blown away by the power of connecting with my 4year old without words. I so often have ruined the moment by adding ‘weather talk’ when there was no need, just because I feel like I should be using every available moment for speech therapy. This is a lovely reminder.

  13. between typing and feelings a host of awesome essences are really unspoken.

  14. I’m totally going to call those people weather-talkers now. It makes sense to me.

  15. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it! It reminds me of my mother and myself.

  16. Purposeful silence holds meaningful interconnection between like-minded souls.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you, Emma.

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