Outpouring of Words ~ By Emma Zurcher-Long

Three Haikus By Emma Zurcher-Long for #AutismPositivity2014

*Emma writes by typing on a bluetooth qwerty keyboard attached to her iPad.  For more about the way Emma communicates, read – How we Got Here

My writing blossoms
greeting welcoming smiles of
 encouragement gladly.


Green with envy you
strain to jump as far and high
daring to come close.


Lashing down, I run
to find shelter but there’s none,
laughter, roaming, I stay.


As the parent to a child who has been described as “verbal” but who was thought to be unable to understand much of what was said to her because she could not answer with spoken language questions such as, “How old are you?”  I will never be able to adequately describe what it is like to read my daughter’s words.

This blog began as a document of hope for our daughter, but it has evolved to become a message of hope to parents who feel the kind of despair and terror I once did.   As Emma wrote, “I am smarter than most people think.  So many kids are just like me.”

This post is dedicated to the Autism Positivity Flashblog going on all day today.

If you would like to submit to the flashblog, here is the submission form.

25 responses to “Outpouring of Words ~ By Emma Zurcher-Long

  1. Beautiful words, (((Emma))). ❤

  2. Joy Unbounded
    Today unfolding
    Tomorrow unbridled.

  3. I just loved reading this! You & your Mom are such an inspiration!

  4. Emma. My words aren’t good enough to tell you how good yours are.

  5. Stephanie James

    Extraordinarily beautiful – I loved every word, Emma! Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. I can’t tell you what your words me to me, Emma. My little girl is 2.5, and I’m not sure if she will be able to speak but I have no doubts that she is bright and understands everything. Your experience and guidance has been such an impact on the way I view my daughter’s autism. I’m not afraid. I only want to love and support her and help her navigate the world–just like any mom.

  7. What lovely poems. You are a like a poem yourself Emma–truth and beauty are the company your soul keeps.

  8. Emma’s poetry is beautiful! I have met people with all sorts of disabilities and classified as “nonverbal.” These people have so much within them; if we can reach this treasure, we will be richly rewarded.

  9. Words cannot express adequately, Emma, how much your beautiful haikus mean to me. But love can be felt. 🙂

  10. Awesome. As a high school English teacher I can tell you I have NEVER read better! As the winner of one of the books, chosen by you, and sent by your Mom – thank you so much! ❤

  11. Emma, these are beautiful, as are you!

  12. Beautiful! Thank you Emma!!

  13. I love the haikus Emma. You are already an author.
    You could write a book! Probably, that would be a very good idea!

  14. Just beautiful. I love the picture of the waterfall, but the words, the writing – just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing it.

  15. Emma, your haikus are so lovely. Your words are well chosen and rich with meaning and emotion. I love how you describe rain as “lashing down” – that’s exactly how rain feels and sounds. Wonderful work!

  16. I applaud you Emma, You are beautiful

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  18. Haikus are very hard to write(I’ve tried),and the fact that Emma managed to make these so absolutely beautiful is just amazing.

  19. lilytigerheart

    Absolutely love your haikus, Emma! Thank you for sharing them!

  20. Katie Jacoboski

    I especially loved ‘Rain’. Beautiful.

  21. Lovely.

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