Henry & Emma’s Story

Yesterday Emma and I spent time with our friends Lauri and her son Henry.   Lauri has a wonderful blog, Ollibean, which is a model of  inclusion and what that really means.  Recent posts include Judy Endow’s How to Figure Out if an Autistic Needs Fixing, Amy Sequenzia’s Walk in my Shoes, and Henry Frost’s All the People Saw my Intelligence.

About a year and a half ago I interviewed Henry regarding his wish to be allowed to go to his local school.  Because Henry cannot speak and is Autistic, he was denied that right.  That interview was published on The Huffington Post ‘here‘.  And a follow-up post ‘here‘ because the piece went viral.  I also wrote about staying with Lauri and her family last spring ‘here‘, which was also when Emma and Henry became friends.

Henry and Emma wrote this story together, taking turns writing a sentence by pointing to letters on an alphabet board.  Henry is “H” and Emma is “E”.  (I know … that’s probably pretty obvious…)  Afterwards Henry and Emma gave me permission to publish their story here.

H:  Once a man went to the king.

E:  He had a complaint against his horse.

H:  His horse would not carry him any more.

E:  His horse wanted five dollars each ride.

H:  The king asked him to sell the horse.

E:  The horse said it is not a slave.

H:  The king asked the horse its price.

E:  The horse said it needs a million dollars.

H:  Finally the king gave two options to the horse.

E:  First was – fight a lion.

H:  Second is –  serve this man.

E:  Choose between the two.

H:  Question is – what will he choose?

E:  The End

Henry & Emma ~ January 30, 2014

Henry & Emma ~ January 30, 2014

7 responses to “Henry & Emma’s Story

  1. I love this kind of “chain” story telling, awesome!

  2. Emma and Henry This is a great story and quite funny too! you make a very good story telling team!

  3. I LOVE this story. And Henry. And Lauri. Lauri, if you’re reading, I hope Olivia is doing well and Henry and Emma enjoy their last day together. Can’t wait to see what they’ll write today!

  4. What a funny story! Too bad they ended on a cliffhanger…I really wanted to know what the horse chose!

    I know from experience it’s hard to tell a coherent story this way but Emma and Henry made a great team.

  5. I can tell they both trust each other a lot. I wouldn’t be able to do a collaborative story in this format.

  6. Fight the lion of course… An easy decision for a horse if it’s a dandi! And that story was ; )

  7. Good story you guys. It might be stupid of me but I would rather die fighting a lion than live as a slave.

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