“Feeling knowledge…”

“Feeling knowledge is reality understood.”

This is what Emma wrote over the weekend.   Yeah.  I’ve been unraveling that one  ever since she wrote it…  At this point there are a couple of things I have come to realize:  First – if I can just keep up with her, I’m doing really well.  Second –  presuming competence is a vast concept and is much more about me and my limitations than it is about the person I’m applying this idea to.  And third – the amount we do not know about autism far surpasses that which we do.

“Feeling knowledge is reality understood.”

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28 responses to ““Feeling knowledge…”

  1. Emma I love it such a simple message that is so powerful

  2. And wisdom is knowledge in practise.

    Feeling thankful to hear from the wise one.

  3. Totally agree with all three.

  4. I can see that, what is reality but something lived through us and to feel knowledge would be to have something innard moved in a way that passes as feeling which would be followed by a certain excitement at grasping what seemed so untouchable. But maybe I am far from understanding, but it seems I can relate. And then my mind moves in tangent to tactile learning, more hands on- where the hand tells the mind- where the hand actually has volition. And again maybe I am far off, but feeling knowledge sound utterly beautiful.

  5. Totally agree with Emma. When my senses and mind find clarity and connect, I feel smart, and know I know so much…knowledge! Only then does the real world make sense. Feeling knowledge IS reality understood! Keep unraveling your three, Ariane. I agree with you, too! XO!

  6. It is one of the most precious feelings, as reality is such an elusive creature. I do so love grey days for clarity.

  7. Very profound and true! I get it completely!

  8. “Feeling knowledge is reality understood.”
    Emma here stands where mighty figures from a Chauvinist age strove to stand, and she expresses what they strove to express.
    Emma then is closer to the epicentre of feral awareness than were they.

  9. So profound, Emma, and so true, and for me too! The memories that are strongest are those that “feel” and therefore shape my reality. Thank you for explaining to me why I remember clearly some things, and have totally forgotten others. You are a gem, and I love you!

  10. Emma is far more intelligent at her young age than most 3 or 4 times her age and she expresses it so brilliantly! She amazes me! You and Richard are very blessed!

  11. BEAUTIFUL. And true. You’ve got a wise one on your hands there, mama! Love

  12. what a beautiful being of light Emma is 🙂

  13. Yes, and it becomes part of our being–who we are and how it is expressed. My inner light was stifled by physical chaos so that others deemed me “retarded” until they did the IQ testing in third grade…as an adult the parts of the test that showed inner knowledge and expressed knowledge thru “doing” were so far apart, they could not competently come up with a number! But it is through consistent renewal of health and my attempts to express outwardly that I believe those differences may come together in the middle some day.

    My Master’s project is a book defining ways of working outward, toward others and society–a place we all must come to if we are going to live in society. It is also a history of how person’s with different abilities to let their light shine have been treated throughout history in this country, and that many adults deemed “schizophrenic” or some semblance of psychotic were most likely children on the spectrum who were stretched or shoved out of their comfort zone. Even noise and air pollution can be such a stressor on me that I want to run screaming away…(but there seems to be no escaping it even way out here!). I love that picture, as it reminds me of where I lived (before being sent into institutions) out in the yard, in the parks, anywhere outside in the wilds. I later discovered in one of the institutions which was out in the country, that I needed to have animals and live in nature. I finally got out, but for 20 years I have been out here looking for a place to call mine, looking for a place I can afford to live. Unfortunately I have had no connections with others, so muddled along by myself and never learned how to connect my insides with something that would pay my way in the world.

    • “ways of working outward, toward others and society–a place we all must come to if we are going to live in society. It is also a history of how person’s with different abilities to let their light shine have been treated throughout history”

      That’s a fine project topic bev. Will you be drawing on the work of Michel Foucault?

      • I am a complete newbie to all of this, having left it 20 years ago. I had no way to get connected with others back then, and now the internet is still my only connections. I would like to find out who to draw from besides my own experience. I will start with the person you recommended. It is very interesting, like a whole new world. The project does not begin until next August, but I could begin gathering now. Thank you

  14. So beautiful and so profound- so like you, Emma.

  15. Sounds like maybe she is talking about intuition, things you logically know just by how you feel. I could be wrong, but that’s what it reminds me of. 🙂

  16. I hope that when she is a bit older, Emma publishes a book of poetry.

  17. PS I love my little picture–it is very representative of my insides! LOL LOL

  18. Ariane, you continually expand my understanding of presumed competence and communication.

  19. emma, you are now my literary competition and i could not be more thrilled. please read ch 3 in malcolm gladwell’s “david and goliath: underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants” and get back with me. loving being in your time b

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