Having it All Often Means Doing it All

*The title of this post is said in a joking, not exactly sarcastic way, but certainly not in a serious way.  Throw in an eye roll as you read and a knowing grin, and you’ll get it!

So much to tell you, but where to begin?

For Mother’s Day my wonderful husband decided he would interview me on his radio show and asked if I wanted to invite a couple other moms to come on  the show too.   “Yes, please!” I said and promptly invited my friends, Ibby Grace of the blog Tiny Grace Notes (AKA Ask an Autistic), Paula Durbin-Westby, who has two blogs, one with her name as its title and the other – Autism Acceptance Day (which is a terrific resource filled with interviews among other things) and Lauri Swann Hunt of the fabulous website and blog Ollibean, where both her son Henry and Amy Sequenzia often post among many other wonderful writers.  The show aired last night at 8:30PM – 10:00PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time and has been archived ‘here‘ for those who would like to listen.  We do not have a transcript of it yet, but my fabulous friend Alyssa of the blog, Yes, That Too, suggested we break it into ten minute chunks, which means we need eight more people to volunteer.   Anyone who is so inclined can contact me here or at emmashopeblog@gmail.com and we will get a transcript written!

I meant to write a post about all of this yesterday so anyone who wanted to listen live, could, but Richard came down with some sort of stomach bug that kept him up for the better part of the night and Em woke up in the middle of the night complaining of a sore throat.  When I went to her she was burning up, so I stayed with her for the rest of the night.   By yesterday morning, which was also the first day of my “play date with jewelry” trunk show, I realized, I was not going to be able to keep all the necessary balls in the air.  It was that moment when you realize the reality and what you had envisioned, were not meshing even remotely and so priorities needed to be set.  Nic, who was off early to go on a three-day field trip, made it out the door without mishap.  A doctor’s appointment for Em was secured. Joe, Em’s devoted, dedicated and all around amazing therapist, was called in for reinforcements. Richard was checked in on and given liquids between preparations for my trunk show.

By the way, the show continues today, for those who might be interested in playing with jewelry and seeing my Transitions Collection, which I’ve finally gotten up on my Ariane Zurcher Jewelry website, and joining me to play with the real thing and so I can give a live demonstration of all the various possibilities, many of which the website does not yet have or do.

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So given that the day was not proceeding as optimally as planned, it was kind of fitting and perfect that Richard, albeit, groggily, insisted that the radio show (dedicated to motherhood and all that entails) must go on as planned!  So it did. And other than a couple of minutes when Richard and I were inexplicably tossed out of the show, it was great fun, everyone was wonderful and I think Paula Durbin-Westby may need to seriously consider hosting her own radio show in the foreseeable future!  As I said at the end of the show, it is these Moms and women like them, who have helped me be a better mother to both my children.  I am so lucky and very, very grateful.

Merlin Assists in Preparing for the Trunk Show


25 responses to “Having it All Often Means Doing it All

  1. I could help with a 10 minute chunk if needs be, though it might take me til tomorrow to do it – let me know if you need me and if so, please assign me a chunk! I listened to the first half on my commute in this AM and it was Awesome/ausome! (And I can’t wait to hear the second half with more from Ib and Paula…)

  2. Here is an idea: When you play with your jewelry, showing the various ways to use it, have someone take a video clip – can use phone or iPad to do this. The clip can then be uploaded to your site. If you really want lots of people to see it turn it into a You Tube clip. Even people who don’t normally look at jewelry would look at the video clips just to see you!

  3. I wouldn’t mind helping transcribe either 😉 you can catch me on twitter or email hellolittleblackdress@yahoo.com

  4. Emma and I listened last nite. Funny, she has a horrible cold also. I would help transcript if I was more computer literate

    • Well I just finished a ten minute segment and it took longer than I thought. Granted I was also working and doing other stuff, but it took me a while and wow! How many “um”s, “I mean”s and repetitions of the same idea can I fit into a single sentence? Apparently quite a few!!

      • LOL it took about 45 min just to do 1 min transcript (though half was trying to rewind to the right spot on iPad) the talking over each other and simultaneously was what was hard for me to do lol I’ll have that section memorized by the time im done 😉 youll prob have to do quite a bit of moving and reformatting the text to get all the sections cohesive

        • Oh NO! I admit it took more than an hour to do the ten minute piece and I finally learned that it worked better if I took it three to four words at a time… painstakingly slow! You are a trooper!!! WOW!

          • As I said it was mostly getting the ipad to rewind to the right spot…need to find a better more precise player option…was trying not to have to jump back and forth between windows and rarely have a mouse hooked up to my laptop so not much more precise. Its no biggie though I’m on the computer all day while bug is at school so might as well do something helpful 😉 especially since your blog really helped direct me in how best to approach my kids autism so i didnt waste years and years figuring it out for myself

  5. This whole idea of doing it all will lead to people having nervous breakdowns nobody can do it all why people would even try is beyond me.

    • Oh Nisha, that title was said very much “tongue in cheek”. It was meant as sarcasm and with sly humor, maybe even an eye roll! I’m sorry. I should have made that clearer right from the beginning!

  6. I needed to hear today’s blog. I can’t do it all, all by myself, and it’s time to call in reinforcements. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Ariane, I listened to the whole show today while I did housework! It was awesome and wonderful to hear your voices. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from reading your blog and how much you have inspired me to try and do my best for Olivia. So, my question is…if you could go back to when Emma was 4 years old…what would you do most to help her? A bit too young for the typing maybe but is there anything you would suggest? I am presuming competence but its so hard to know what she understands and what she doesn’t. Maybe I just need to relax. 🙂

  8. Kristen, I STILL feel that way sometimes!! If I knew what I know now I would have taken Em to Soma Mukhopadhyay, because to see her work with your child is about as incredible an experience as there is in this life. To presume competence is the key, but to take the necessary actions is the next important step. I would have begun doing the same sorts of things that other 4 year olds are doing and I would definitely have started her typing and pointing to a letter board. Absolutely without a doubt. There was so much emphasis on language, but Em may never have the kind of verbal language her same age peers have. What I didn’t fully appreciate was that just because her language was delayed, did not mean her thinking or ideas were delayed. If I could do it again…. I cannot tell you how much I wish I could. We would still have had to deal with the massive GI issues and other things surrounding that, but what a difference it would have made had we treated her as though we knew she understood… So glad this blog has helped you! That makes the sting of having done so many things wrong, a little less painful.

  9. I have looked at Soma’s website. Maybe she will come to Boston sometime. Thank you so much for the suggestions. You are helping so many parents here! I have a feeling Olivia’s thinking and ideas are not delayed as well. 🙂

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