“Autistic People Are…”

*Following on the heels of the tremendously successful “Autistic people should…” flash blog last Saturday, today’s flash blog has bloggers adding their thoughts to “Autistic people are…”

Autistic people are…   

human beings.  

with the same rights as anyone else.  


as diverse as those who are not Autistic.  

Autistic people are.  

Welcome to the human race.  

Now let’s start treating them as such.

For some history and the flash blog link, click ‘here‘.

As a direct result of last Saturday’s flash blog and thanks to the hard work by Yes, That Too, Unstrangemind and many other Autistic bloggers, this happened – Google Changes Policy for Autism 

While those policies have not yet gone into effect, it is hopeful news and a wonderful first step.

10 responses to ““Autistic People Are…”

  1. Might be less of an issue with the search engine there as the top search is already autistic people are smart… of course that’s followed by annoying and evil but hey … Maybe by flash blog number ten I will have the energy to take place.

    • Smart is good, annoying could be said for every human being on the planet and evil… um… no.
      It will change slowly and with time, but it will change, of that I am sure!

  2. Autistic people are human, and deserve the same rights and respect of everyone else. Astounding that it has to be said at all, isn’t it? Thank you, Ariane, for once again being spot on perfect in your clarity of vision and communicating this simple idea to so many ❤ My heart goes out to the many bloggers who are changing the general perception of autism. As an autistic woman, I hope each small act I do in love and kindness adds to the goodness in some small way. I adore all of you.

    • It is astounding, but equally as astounding is that such measures like these flash blogs need to take place at all! You are wonderful and your love and kindness IS mostly definitely inspiring others to do the same!! Love, love, love to you Chou Chou!

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  4. I have no energy still but I tried to stir myself for the flash blog but since all that came to mind was exactly that Ariane, that autistic people shouldn’t have to be doing these flash blogs to counter all the negative and groundless stereptypes didn’t seem to fit in with the requirement to be positive.

    • Hopefully one day pointing this out will no longer be necessary!

      • That’s what makes it hard for me to look back at what I wrote 11 years ago sometimes. I had such optimism about how the internet would change and equalize things as far as advocacy and oppourtunity for socialization but it was of course a mixed blessing with it also increasing the ability for better funded myths to spread.

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