When Plans Go Awry… Take Photos!

The kids are here…

Water Park

And Richard and I are not…

That’s right.  We are having a staycation!  Woot!  Woot!

Don’t misunderstand me, I think about the kids all the time.  I began to worry when we hadn’t heard from them in 10 hours, but being in New York City for two days to just do whatever we want, when we want, without worrying about anything other than what museum we should go to next or where we should eat dinner, while knowing the kids are having a blast…  Yeah.  It’s pretty fabulous!

We began with a trip to the Metropolitan museum, where we saw the George Bellows show, followed by the Matisse show and then we wandered through various other galleries, and saw this, from the artist, El Anatsui who lives in Nigeria, but was born in Ghana. I love this artist.  Look at how the fabric drapes and folds.  This piece is massive and covers most of an entire museum wall.

El Anatsui

After a few hours we headed back downtown where we roamed the East Village, ate at a terrific little restaurant called The Redhead where the cheese grits are fantastic, as was the buttermilk fried chicken.  Then off we strolled to the IFC Center  (Independent Film Channel) where we saw the Academy Award-Nominated Live Action Short Films.  There are some great ones, but my vote goes to the South African short film, Asad.

Yesterday we slept in and went to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art).  This wonderful sculpture is on 6th Avenue and 54th Street.

The Egg

For those of you unfamiliar with my jewelry, I’m including an image of an 18 Kt gold and Ceylon Sapphire ring I designed and made three years ago.  I think you’ll see why this sculpture speaks to me!


After MOMA we went back to the IFC to catch the Academy Award-Nominated Documentary Short Films and had dinner at another fabulous East Village restaurant, Back Forty.  If you find yourself there, you have to get the  freshly baked Parkerhouse rolls.  Amazing!

At 3:50AM this morning my cell phone rang, which I ignored and then the home phone rang, which can only signal trouble.  It was my security company calling that they were being notified of “unknown” activity at my studio and did I want the police called.  Yes, thank you very much, I would like the police called, I responded groggily and then threw on some clothes, grabbed my keys and grabbed a cab and went over to my studio (which is NOT in Manhattan).  I arrived just in time to see a police car slowly cruise past my studio building without stopping!  I ran upstairs, carrying…

wait for it…

yup, my camera!  Because I am never one to miss an opportunity to photograph something and you never know…

I know.  Not exactly a weapon, but I figured if anything was amiss, I could at least document it.  This was my thinking.  And I’d just like to remind everyone that it was FOUR IN THE MORNING!   Everything was dark and quiet and so after checking all the windows and door, I returned to the city.  But not one to miss an opportunity I hung out the window of the cab and got some crazy shots of the Chrysler Building as we drove over the 59th Street bridge.  The white light is the Chrysler Building.

The Chryslar Building

I was back home by 4:30AM and… wide awake.

But what an adventure!

13 responses to “When Plans Go Awry… Take Photos!

  1. What a wonderful weekend to recharge and reconnect with your husband. Thanks for sharing

  2. Loved reading about and seeing the art things in this blog! I recently got a Cannon T3i and learned to use it to take photos of my paintings and then to edit the photos to match the original painting. I am hoping to learn to use it to take other kinds of photos outdoors when I have more time in the summer. I go to art museums whenever I can. Last year I went to Pavilion Gallery Museum in Winnipeg that houses the Winnie the Pooh collection when I was there to speak. I also got to see the Mendel Art Gallery when I spoke in Saskatoon. They had an exhibit made out of feathers that took up an entire wall that I loved to see all the patterns created by unique feathers the way it was put together, draping this way and that as if a wind was whispering here and there to these feathers. It was lovely. Have a wonderfully good time enjoying art with Richard!

  3. So glad. Even you report of your fun weekend is written in a simple, relaxed manner. Glad all was okay at the studio!
    I love both the Met and MOMA, and we have performed many times at both. One time, they forgot to give me a quick change room for performing in the Temple of Denur room at the Met, so they had me use the dimly sarcophacus room. Amazing and slightly chilling place to be undressing all alone! Not quite as strange as using the Great Ape House at the National Zoo, though. You haven’t lived until you have disrobed in front of an interested audience of gorrillas!
    Glad the the kids have fun, too! XO!

  4. I feel like I lived it with you~thanks for sharing…bummer about the studio call. If you ran for President, you’d have my vote knowing you’d take that call at 4am.! 🙂

  5. Great pics 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying your vacation 🙂 Hope the kids are too.

  6. what are the diameters of this ring you made? Its a gorgeous design but on the other hand if its so big doesn’t it tend to be heavy and clunky?

    • It’s big – about 3cm in diameter, but because it is also hollow, it isn’t heavy. For some women it’s a problem, but for others, those who like wearing something substantial, it’s perfect!

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Living very close to the waterpark capital of the world, we too have been to a hotel with the indoor surfing “ride”. 🙂 Brett enjoyed watching it too! I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I was in shape enough to even attempt such a thing!! 🙂 Glad you all had fun!

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