Emma’s Momentous Sleepover And How We Barely Coped

Joe and Angelica came to pick Emma up for her sleepover Sunday evening.  Emma, who had prepared her pink spiky backpack for this momentous occasion by packing: 3 hardcover books, her green furry monster and traveling companion Muzzy, a nightgown, her string (the old string with a few modifications is back!), her Cokie, toothbrush, floss, hairbrush, change of clothes, bathing suit, bathrobe and she insisted on packing her sheepskin slippers, despite my protests that it was too hot, (it was in the high 80’s.)

When Joe and Angelica buzzed, Emma ran to meet them by the elevator.  When Joe and Angelica then came inside for a moment, Emma, with her backpack on waited patiently as the adults discussed drop off times, sleeping arrangements etc.  At a certain point Emma made her way to the front door, waiting.  Another minute later Emma had the front door open and continued to wait, now outside our loft and in the hallway.  Finally, the adults, having concluded their endless conversation about logistics, food, and other important matters made their way to the front door.  Emma already out the door, never once looked back at Richard or me, but instead purposefully headed toward the elevator with the grim determination of one who is afraid her departure may be, at any moment, thwarted.

“Bye Em!  Have a great time!”  Richard and I shouted to her as she boarded the elevator.

Just as the doors were closing we heard a cheerful, “Bye Mommy!  Bye Daddy!”

And that was it.  She had left.  No kisses, no “I’m going to miss you,” no look conveying conflicted emotions, nothing.   And there we were.  Left to ourselves, looking at each other.  Then Richard stepped toward me and a grin widened on his face.

Oh come on, people, remember where you are!  This is a blog, not some sultry, titillating web site you just happened upon by mistake.

We went to dinner and the movies, feeling the joy of doing so without paying for a babysitter.  It was ecstasy!  We stayed up late, (oh stop it!) and slept in… until 6:30AM.

I actually was up at 5:30AM, but used the time to make some corrections to yesterday’s blog post and did some other work related stuff.  Eventually we took a long leisurely stroll along the High line and then returned home to await Emma’s return.

When Emma entered our loft, she barely looked at either of us, shot into her room, threw on a swimsuit and requested that she go to the sprinklers in her favorite park.

“Em!  I’m so happy to see you!”  I told her.

She grinned and then said, “Have fun at Angelica’s house.  Have fun with M.  Have fun with Oliver and Trouble!  (Angelica and Joe’s two cats)  Have fun in the sprinklers.  Now go to Seal park!”

That was it.  We never did get any more out of her.  She had fun.  What more was there to tell us?  It was good to get these photos from Joe, however, and somehow Richard and I made it through those sixteen hours, just the two of us, on our own, without any children, I don’t know how, but we did it.

Emma’s sleepover with M.

Playing in the sprinklers with M.
My latest piece My Fear Toolkit published in the Huffington Post

11 responses to “Emma’s Momentous Sleepover And How We Barely Coped

  1. Who’s “M”? And what are the cats’ real names, surely one isn’t called “Trouble”? Or is he?

    • I didn’t ask Joe and Angelica permission to use her real name, so I just used the initial, it’s the name of Angelica’s goddaughter. And yes, Oliver and Trouble are the names of Angelica and Joe’s two cats. (Both of whom Emma adores!) Why she doesn’t like our wonderfully wicked Merlin is anyone’s guess.

  2. That sprinkler park is so awesomely fun looking!!! :O) Glad for Emma that she had such a great time but even more happy that Mom and Dad had a great time as well!!!! Yay for happy times!!! :O)

  3. growing up is hard on us parents isn’t it! 😉

  4. Sprinkler Parks. I dont think we have those here but what a great idea!

  5. As you can see in the photo they are a huge hit and can get very crowded!

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