“Six and Three and Zero”

We are working with Emma on time.  For the last few weeks she has been waking at 5:30AM.  I’m just grateful she isn’t also waking us at 2:00AM.  It’s all relative.  She has an analog clock in her room and we’ve discussed how she isn’t to wake us until 6:30AM.  Two nights ago she appeared at exactly 6:30AM.  “It says six and three and zero,” Emma announced before claiming her place next to me in our bed.

This morning however she appeared at 5:30AM and when I said, “Hey Em.  It’s too early. Look at the clock. Do you see what it says?” she didn’t answer.  “Look Em.  It says five thirty.”  I sat up and pointed.  “You have to go back to your room.  You can come back when it says six thirty.”

“Six and three and zero,” Emma confirmed.

“That’s right Em.”

Moving very slowly, she wandered back to her room, or more accurately, out of ours.  When Emma reappeared later she said, “Make cereal and toast?”  Then she corrected herself, “Dadddy?  I’d like to make cereal and toast, please.  May I have some cereal and toast?”

After breakfast she ran back to find me.  “Mommy!” she said bouncing up and down.

“Hi Emma.  I’m coming out.  I just had to take a shower.”

“Mommy!  I miss you,” she said, leaning her head into me.

“Oh Emmy!  I miss you too.  Whenever I’m not with you, I miss you!”  I told her.

She beamed at me.  “I miss Mommy.”  Then she pointed at me and said, “Mommy and me,” she pointed to herself, “go into the living room together.”

“Yes.  I’m coming.  Do you want to wait for me?  I’m just getting my shoes on.”

“I’m waiting,” Emma said.

I live for conversations like this.  I take for granted so many things, little quick conversations I have hundreds of times throughout a day, and yet, this one with Emma will carry me through the day like nothing else could or would.

Waiting for her school bus.

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8 responses to ““Six and Three and Zero”

  1. Great pics! What happiness!!!! :O)

  2. Emma is really making great progress Ariane! The photos are just gorgeous.

    • Thank you Liz. I can’t help thinking when I read your comment – Is she? Do you really think so? – Its almost as though I’m half blind to it, too much to hope for or some other equally crazy thought.

  3. I am continually amazed on how beautiful Emma is and the more I read your blog…..I see how beautiful she is inside!

  4. Wow! I love this! It brought happy tears to my eyes for you. Emma is beautiful!

    Last night, Daniel and I had a conversation about love. Short version I asked him if he knew what it meant to love and he said : “It feels like a squeeze.” Then, this morning I asked him again so his dad could hear, this time he was more detailed adding “It feels like hugs, kisses, and smiles.”

    He used to never let us hug him, and kisses were out of the question, until the last few years. He started giving hugs on his own this past year. 🙂

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