Nic’s Birthday

“It’s Nicky’s birthday!”  Emma said, bouncing up and down.

Nic beamed at her.  “Yeah.  Thanks Emmy.”

Then Emma launched into a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, not once, not twice, but three times!  By the third time she was beginning to lose her audience, not that she cared.  Nic was intent on opening his presents.  “Where’s Dad?”  he asked more times than Emma sang Happy Birthday.

For the record, it was 6:24AM.

A trip down memory lane through pictures and text…

Two years ago I interviewed Nic about what it was like for him to have Emma as his sister.  Things have certainly changed since then.  For a view into a year or so later, click ‘here‘ and then more recently, ‘here.’

 Richard, Nic and me minutes after Nic was born 12 years ago.

That look on my face is joy (I know you wouldn’t have guessed) mixed with exhaustion.  My labor was over 38 hours long!

At our wedding, getting ready to nurse, yup nothing conventional about anything in our lives, even then. 

On our honeymoon in Taxco where we all got sick.

Big Brother, Nic.

Growing up

In a flash –  12 years later 

Nic and Em

Merlin looks on.  I imagine he’s thinking – Is there room for me?  No, maybe I’m safer here.  They certainly are curious creatures, these humans.

Happy Birthday Nic!

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15 responses to “Nic’s Birthday

  1. Wishing you a very special birtheday Nic.

  2. Doh! ‘birthday”

  3. Happy Birthday Nic!
    You are the best grandson ever (never mind that you are my only grandson)
    I love you,

  4. Ha
    ppy Birthday Nic! and happy birthing day to you!

  5. Happy Birthday Nic! Great photos of beautiful babies. Oh, to be unconventional… please write more about that so I can know what it’s like!

  6. What a handsome young man! Happy Birthday to your Nic! They look so much alike! Like my Brett and Erin. :O) I hope he has had an awesome birthday so far!! Wishing him many more!


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