A couple of years ago I was told about a doctor who worked miracles on people and it was suggested I go to him for a consultation with the hope it might help Emma.  His office was on the upper west side in a beautiful old brownstone, the interior wall of the office was a waterfall.  The doctor ushered me into his private office and handed me his driver’s license.  I was a bit taken aback, but politely took it.  He said, “Guess how old I am?”  When I didn’t respond he said, “Look at my driver’s license, I bet you wouldn’t have guessed I was that old.”

He was right.  His driver’s license told of him being over 60 years old.  He certainly could have been in his fifties.  I handed him back his driver’s license.  “I’m actually here about my daughter,” I said, lest he misunderstand my intentions.  We then went on to discuss Emma and the various specialists we’d taken her to.  He listened and to his credit told me, without much enthusiasm,  he might be able to help her, but that he would call me in the next few days, something he never did, for which I am grateful.  He did however give me the book he’d written.  It was on blood types and how specific foods should be avoided depending on one’s blood type.  I decided to try what the book suggested and for a couple of months ate only the foods for my blood type.  Other than finding pomegranates do not agree with me, there were no other benefits.  I never did take Emma to see him.

When Emma was first diagnosed I was frantic to find help for her chronic constipation.  We went to at least a dozen different GI doctors and alternative healers.  Not one of them suggested giving her magnesium until I took her to the naturopath this past October.  Yet, magnesium is a supplement that has helped her.  Another beneficial supplement for Emma has been melatonin, given before bed, it helps her sleep.

Currently we are giving Emma seven different supplements, a zinc drink, cod liver oil and nordic fish oil.  Emma is terrific about taking all of it every morning and evening without complaint.  However, the deep cracks on her feet have not healed and the rash on her inner arm continues unabated.  I will continue my search.

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism, go to:   Emma’s Hope Book

2 responses to “Supplements

  1. I’ve read that cracked feet are a sign of yeast/fungus. Have you tried using diluted natural antifungals topically? Oil of Oregano and GSE (grapefruit seed extract) are some potent ones. Hope you figure it out!


  2. Thanks Shiri,
    I will try it. We’ve tried just about everything else!

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