A Moment of Levity

Yesterday, having successfully arrived in Denver and found our gate for the connecting flight to New York, an announcement told us of a short delay.  Emma, who was looking at her book – The Way I Feel – looked up and said, “Angry!  I am so angry!”  As she was on the page in the book describing anger, this was not surprising, however, the gentleman sitting next to her had no way of knowing the context for her words and so looked over at her and said, with an exasperated air, “Yeah, me too!”  Emma then scowled, to show off her angriest face, the man then scowled back before both of them began to laugh.  As I watched this interaction, I realized the man was with his wife and grown daughter, who were sitting directly across from us, both of whom were laughing so hard they had tears running down their cheeks.

Both our flights were, thankfully, uneventful.  We arrived in New York after 11:00PM where it was zero degrees with the wind chill, having left balmy Aspen, Colorado where it was in the upper forties.  Go figure.

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism, go to:   Emma’s Hope Book

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