A couple times a year we are called into Emma’s school to meet with her teachers to go over her progress.  There were a couple of things that stood out this morning during our conference.  The first was a video showing Emma playing with another child in her class.  She says his name and the two of them hug each other and laugh.  This goes on for quite some time, with Emma saying things like – “Hi Charlie!  Say hi.”  Then she waits and when Charlie, who is nonverbal, doesn’t respond, she prompts him by saying, “Say hi Emma.”  She takes his face and gently turns it so he’s looking at her.  Then he says, “Hi Emma!”  and they both start laughing .  It is one of the most uplifting videos I have ever seen.  In another video she negotiates with a different child something that she wants to do with the child and her therapist, but the other child at first does not want Emma to join them.  They go back and forth and eventually Emma says, “Please, please I want to go together.”  The other child relents and the video shows Emma, the other child and the therapist dancing down the stairs with Emma singing, “Together!  Together!”  It is adorable and shows tremendous progress.

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism, go to:   www.Emma’s Hope Book

4 responses to “Progress

  1. What kind of school does Emma go to? I am just wondering because school has been such a struggle for us. That place sounds great and the videos are heartwarming to me, so I know they must have lit up your whole day!!!

  2. I love hearing about Emma’s progress – it gives me so much hope! Rock on Emma!

  3. Hi Kelly –
    Emma goes to The Rebecca School here in New York City. They follow the DIR method, emphasizing relationships created by the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan, who both Richard and I trained with years ago. He served as a consultant to the school while he was still alive. ALL schools have their issues and this one does too. I can tell you more if you’d like through email –
    How did the EEG go with your Emma?

  4. Oh that is just beautiful.

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