Isolation, Autism and a New Camera!

It’s interesting to note that autism, something defined by a lack of social skills, which in turn can lead to isolation in the children who are diagnosed with it, can have an isolating affect on the parents of those children for very different reasons.

How many of us have lost friends, seen some slip away after our child’s diagnosis while others we chose to avoid because they seemed unable to understand?  And what about family members?  When Emma was first diagnosed I felt such fear and worry and turned to a number of girlfriends I had at the time.  A couple of them were suddenly too busy to get together, while others just didn’t reach out.  Perhaps it was too much for them, too painful, who knows, but I felt incredibly sad when I realized those friendships were not able to withstand the diagnosis.

Now seven years later since we received Emma’s diagnosis I have new friends, many I’ve never met, others are from my life before, some even came back after having left for awhile.  What is wonderful though, is that those that are no longer in my life, I rarely miss and those that are in my life I am grateful for.

On an entirely separate note – Richard, my wonderful husband, bought me an early Christmas present, a new camera!

Emma at gymnastics on Sunday

Getting a little help from Brett

This morning waiting for the school bus

This is a hawk we saw in Union Square Park on Sunday!  (This has nothing to do with autism, I know, but isn’t he beautiful?)

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism, go to:  Emma’s Hope

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