The Hurricane – Autism

Explaining to Emma why all the museums and most stores were closed and subways and buses had stopped running as of noon this past Saturday because of the threat of Hurricane Irene was difficult.  Particularly as the weather was not cooperating with all the dire predictions.  There was a vast disconnect between the news coverage and what we were actually experiencing on our street in Chelsea.  Since we are not near either river, the winds were mild if even present and though it certainly rained, it was minor compared to what many others along the eastern coast experienced.

Emma gazed out the window and said things like, “It’s raining.”  And then she would add, wistfully, “Go to the carousel.”  Followed quickly with, “No not going to go on the carousel, it’s broken.”

Try as we might to explain that the city had shut down in anticipation of the impending hurricane, she seemed unable to make sense of it. It was all the more implausible when the hurricane never actually arrived.

New York preparing for the worst?  May I just point out – this is masking tape.

Sandbags in front of the AT&T store.

One of hundreds of signs – these guys had just been through the tsunami, so they get to make fun.

Sixth Avenue – Saturday, August 27th.

Looking toward New Jersey from a pier in Chelsea – Sunday AM.

Nic and Em feel the wind on Sunday AM.

The only sign of damage we found the next day.

Merlin looking majestic through it all.

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism, go to:

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