Emma Paints

About a week ago I bought some acrylic paints and brushes with the hope  Nic and Emma would feel motivated to paint.  Upon seeing the art supplies Nic said, “Ooh, ooh!  I want to paint something!”

So we set up the easel with new paper and unwrapped all the brushes and paints.  Emma stood nearby and watched.

When Nic was finished painting a particularly gruesome monster – his specialty, Emma said, “Mommy!  Can I have a turn to the paint?”

“Absolutely Em.  Here let me get you a fresh piece of paper.”

I showed Emma how to hold the palette in one hand with the paintbrush in the other and then stood back and watched.  It was fascinating.  She was very careful, methodical even, considered her choices before putting brush to paper.  This series of photographs show in chronological order her “process”.  The whole piece took about twenty to twenty five minutes to complete with neither Nic nor I saying a word.

Emma begins

The Final Touch

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