Playing Me

Emma is extremely agile and very athletic.  We had the following conversation while she was navigating her way along the top of our couch in the living room.  She has very good balance.

Emma:  (Pretending to lose her balance) Uh – oh!  If you fall down, you have to go see Dr. Karlsrud!  Toni!  Toni Karlsrud.

Me:  Toni?  My sister Toni?  Are you thinking of my sister?

Emma:  Toni comes, Dr. Toni Karlsrud.

Me:  Not Toni Karlsrud, just Dr. Karlsrud.

Emma (Laughing): Dr. Just Karlsrud.

Me:  Emma!  No not Dr. Just Karlsrud, her name is Dr. Karlsrud.

Emma:  Just Karlsrud!  You have to get down!

Me:  Emmy, you know what her name is.  (Pause) What’s her name?

Emma:  Dr. Toni Just Karlsrud.

Me (Looking over at Richard):  I know she knows her name.

Richard:  I think she’s playing you.

Me: Really?

Richard (Laughing): Yeah.

Emma:  You have to be careful.  Uh… uh… don’t fall!  (She pretends to teeter.)

Me:  Hey Em!  What’s your doctor’s name?

Emma:  (Laughing) Dr. Just Karlsrud.

This morning while waiting for the bus, Emma was walking along the top of the little metal fence surrounding the tree in the front of our building, something she often does and has never fallen down from.

Emma:  Be careful.  You fall down, you have to go see Dr. Karlsrud!

Me:  Oh now she knows her name.

Richard:  Told you she was playing you.

Nic (Laughing):  Totally!

Me (Shaking my head):  Wow.  She’s good.

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  1. Smart girl!!!!

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