A Hug

This morning, while standing in the kitchen (having forgotten what I was about to do) Emma walked over to me, wrapped her arms around my hips and rested her head on my stomach.  I was so stunned I stood frozen, unable to respond.  And then the realization that Emma was hugging me, actually hugging me, not because I had prompted her to, not because she had been told by someone else that this was what she should do, but purely because she wanted to..  it was an amazing moment.  A moment of pure, unbridled, joy.

5 responses to “A Hug

  1. That is great. Is that the first time?

  2. that is such a beautiful, hopeful, emotional paragraph.

  3. Hey there Ariane,

    What a wonderful moment in both of your lives.

    Did you watch the HBO program last night, called ‘A Mothers Courage: Talking Back to Autism’? An Icelandic mother comes to the U.S. to interview scientists and doctors and parents and teachers. One parent has designed a successful learning technique for autistic children. Her study center is based out of Austin. It’s called Halo. Have you heard of it? I thought it was a very positive and informative program and would love to know what you think. xxx, D

  4. Hi Ariane:
    I saw “A Mother’s Courage” also. What did you think about it? I am going to the Houston area for a month to visit my grandson who has autistic symptoms. Hope to find help for him. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Astrid,
      Good luck with your grandson. I did not see A Mother’s Courage. As you can see by this blog, in the early days we tried just about anything and everything. There is an awful lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming, or at least that was my experience. My one suggestion would be to find an excellent neurologist, someone who is smart, candid and able to give you their professional opinion. Someone who is not afraid to say, “I don’t know the answer.” All autistic children are different and each one responds to various therapies in different ways. For instance, Emma did not do well with ABA – so we had to do some research to find a behavioral approach that she responded to. But a behavioral therapy is not going to “cure” her. I am always being reminded that progress is sometimes the most we can expect. I continue to hope that there will be something, someday that will do more than that. I cling to that hope.

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