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“Picture Day Moments”

Yesterday was picture day at Emma’s school.  Over the weekend I went to the photographer’s website, paid for the photographs online, chose which packet we wanted and then filled out the little envelope that had been sent home and placed … Continue reading

Some Emma Quotes

Regarding the Trail of Tears – “Oppression is an ongoing story.” Continue reading

When the Body Does not Obey the Mind

Emma gave me permission to quote her words, written this past Sunday. “Please remember that my mind tells my body and my mouth to do all sorts of wonderful things constantly, but they don’t obey. “Sometimes I want to scream. … Continue reading

On the Topic of Violence…

On the topic of violence or actions, that by those witnessing, appear violent, actions that harm another or oneself, there is one thing that stands out, one thing every single person who has physically harmed themselves or another person have … Continue reading

When Insights are Speculation

One of the things I’ve felt particularly confused by is why my daughter sometimes resists communicating.  My thinking has been – why would she resist doing the one thing that will help her get along in this world more than … Continue reading

The Tug of The Unknown

Ever since Em was first diagnosed I have looked to others to tell me what was best for her.  I have read countless opinions.  I have read hundreds of articles written by self-appointed Autism experts, educators and therapists.  I have … Continue reading

Emma’s Literacy

Today Emma wrote the following sentences: It is a good visual reminder of how nicely she is progressing.  After she wrote these sentences she became frustrated with two longer sentences she was suppose to remember and write.  I finally had … Continue reading