Emma’s Rainy Day – Autism

It’s been raining off and on for the past few days, with more rain to come, we’re told.

“It’s raining,” Emma said last night, while pointing out the window.  “No not going to open the umbrella inside, you have to wait!  Open it outside.”

“Em, do you want to go outside?”

“Nah!”  She said, laughing hysterically.  “It’s too dark and it’s raining,” she said.

Then she disappeared into her bedroom only to return wearing this.

“Okay!  Ready for the rain!” she announced, before speeding off on her scooter.

For more on Emma’s journey through a childhood of autism, go to:  www.EmmasHopeBook.com

2 responses to “Emma’s Rainy Day – Autism

  1. This is wonderful!! Emma has made SUCH progress. You are an amazing family, and Arianne writes SO well. I have learned so much from your blog! Know Emma will continue to grow with your love. Loved your day with Nic too.

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